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A Sock subscription - why?
Quite simply, we want you to never wear boring socks again!
Find yourself now a pair for FREE at the start and then receive monthly
(for 18 p.M.)) automatically a new one from our steadily growing unisex all-over sock collection.

Whether only for a month or permanently - stay with it for as long as you want and get it too permanent 20% on all other products in the shop.


How it works

1. Select a pair

Choose the pair of socks you want to start with. You can choose from three different of our all-over designs.

2. Order & subscription

Select the in the product monthly delivery cycle off you can easily complete your order as usual.

3. Be happy

Receive an automatically every month new other couple our all-over socks. Stick with it as long as you want.

We always produce your socks on demand and so conserve resources and prevent waste as needed! Because we love smart eco-friendly solutions!


The production of your socks takes place in Germany according to Öko-Tex standards - under good conditions and on fair terms. The new normal!



Everything you to #neverboringsocks maybe still want to know.

You can go out 3 different styles to start your subscription. The couple you have chosen will then be the first that we will give you, within the framework of your #neverboringsocks Membership, send.

Yes, you receive it every month automatically a new, different pair of socks from our ever-growing collection. But never a pair twice :).

All of our allover socks are made in Germany produced (Oeko-Tex certified) and also shipped.

No, you don't have to open a customer account. You can also take out our sock subscription as a guest and manage it at any time. After your order you will receive an email from us , in which everything important for you is summarized.

Your socks usually always hit 3-5 days after the initial order date. This means that if you took out your subscription on July 5th, for example, your delivery will be with you between July 8th and 13th. This then also applies to every subsequent delivery from your subscription. In other words, delivery two takes place between August 8th and 13th etc.

You can purchase your sock subscription with us either with a Credit card or PayPal pay. The debit is then always automatically made monthly.

Yes, you can do this in your subscription customer area change or adapt at any time . After your subscription you will receive an email from us with your personal access to it.

Yes, this is from the third month of delivery at any time possible via your subscription customer area. After your order you will receive an email from us with your personal access to it.

Yes that is anytime and without conditions Possible via your subscription customer area (from the third month of delivery). After your order you will receive an email from us with your personal access to it.

If your feet should unexpectedly shrink or grow or you want to give your next delivery to someone as a gift (the other size required), you can do this adapt at any time via your subscription area .

Absolutely - directly in your subscription area . After placing your order, you will receive an email from us with your personal access to it.

Basically, you can choose the amount that you like. You will then automatically receive the selected number of pairs of socks every month as a subscription. If, for example, you want to receive two new different designs every month, it is advisable to use the corresponding To conclude subscriptions individually .

Yes, as long as yours #neverboringsocks You will receive your subscription with us 20% discount on all other products in our shop. After your subscription you will receive an email with a discount code which you can then use for any other order.