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Sustainability in production & shipping

Our products

All products at Bella ciao are produced as required and not in stock. A few years ago it would have been impossible to create a brand like Bella ciao , because if you wanted to offer a wide range of your own products, you usually had to produce the appropriate quantities in advance.

With the help of "On-Demand Process" we can offer a relatively large selection of products without wasting unnecessary resources. We work together with different printing companies that sell our Bella ciao products with the exception of our Resin handmades - they are manufactured and shipped by us after receipt of the order and then send directly to you without any detours. So we save resources in the form of textiles and printing ink, senseless back and forth shipping but also energies for the production and storage of products and much more.

Where possible, we offer productsOrganic materials and also have these manufactured locally and, if feasible, shipped plastic-free.

Sustainable materials
Bella Organics

If we choose between sustainable materials and & quot; normal & quot; If you have material standards, we always choose the organic variants. The topic is also becoming more and more relevant for our producers and so we can offer more and more products with an optimal ecological background.

Co2-neutral shipping

Compensation for shipping

With every shipment, one way or another, Co2 is released. In the shopping cart, we calculate the approximate amount of the emissions caused based on the package weight, in order to then optionally offer you a compensation amount. This reflects the amount that is necessary for then Emissions of caused Co2 balance.

planting trees

The amount you pay to make your order CO2-neutral is used one-to-one by our partner EcoCard to support sustainable reforestation projects. That means, every penny ends up there and leads to that planted another tree can be. In addition, other compensatory measures are being promoted.