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BELLA things for you or your home
Clothing line

Our designs are largely based on vintage motifs and many black and white styles. We value extraordinary looks and production that is as sustainable as possible.

Home things

We have combined many of our elaborate motifs with beautiful things for your home in order to create unique products that give your furnishings a special feeling.

Colored Editions

"TI"all over

The Bella Grd. & Quot; TI & quot; All Over socks are feminine, cute and cozy. The soft fabric warms your feet in the home office or brings color to ...

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"Lazy Boy"pillow

The Bella Grd. Lazzyboy pillow is a wonderful gift for everyone who likes to put their feet up. For your personal chill corner .....

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"SKR"pleated skirt

The Bella Grd.SKR pleated skirt sets colorful accents and can be worn as a mini skirt in summer or over warm tights in winter .....

Colored WMNS Edition

One motif - many styles


The Bella St. Azel canvas bag is a must-have for every city tour and underlines feminine, simple styles. It is for all outdoor activities .....

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"Azel"low caps

The Bella St. Azel WMNS Low Cap shoes are light summer shoes for women that reflect lightness and with clear contrasts .....

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"Azel"Sport Bra

The sports bra combines strength and comfort: the stretchy fabric of the Bella St. Azel WMNS Sport Bra runs across the back and .....

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