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Here we have the most important answers for you to questions that you might ask yourself. If you still have further questions, you can of course at any timehere write!

About Bella ciao

What you may want to know about us, should, can ...

Bella ciao is a small independent brand from Stuttgart and consists of exactly 2 people- Jenni & amp; Flo. Made with air & amp; Love!

We leave all products on demand to produce. This protects the environment and gives us the opportunity to create more beautiful things. We work with various printing companies who produce everything for us throughout Bella . Make an exceptionour handcrafted resin products, these are produced in-house by Jenni with a lot of love and passion. You can also do more about thishere Experienced.

There are various reasons for this: On the one hand, we wanted to be as possiblesustainable can work. We felt it was somehow & quot; old school & quot; to have a lot of goods produced and stored all the time. That requires a lot of resources andsimply leads to pointless waste with simultaneous inflexibility. On the other hand, we can offer a wide range of products and respond extremely quickly to requests and changes.
No complex production chains wherever, no shipping back and forth between dealers and suppliers, etc. We keep it simple!


Everything about payment and shipping .....

In short, a lot! From Apple Pay to Amazon Pay to PayPal, everything is included. You can do more about thishere or you scroll down briefly, there you will find an optical overview of all methods in the footer.

We deliver wherever you are. In the bad rogue states too. There, too, people are in the mood for beautiful things - they have enough of the bad anyway.

Shipping is usually carried outdirectly from one of theProduction facilities from our manufacturers via DHL, UPS, DPD or GLS. Depending on the products, it can therefore also happen that your order is placed in partial shipments. Of course, you will always receive a shipment tracking.g.

Since we Bella always produce all products directly after receipt of the order and thus work in a needs-based and sustainable manner, we do not have the option of turbo-like shipping a la Amazon and Co. As a rulemost of our products in 3-8Days after your order has been received. For some products it can take a few days longer, depending on the workload of our producers.

In principle, we do not offer a right of return. We try to act sustainably and hope that you, as a Bella customer, will too. Of course, you have a right of withdrawal for non-customized products and can make use of it accordingly. You can do more about thishere read up.

Everything else

Cooperations, partnerships and things like that .....

We don't want world domination and we don't want to grow without end. Acting smoothly and putting our products and customers at the center, these are our goals. If you think you can support us, please feel free to contact usto contact.

We currently do not appreciate your request. We want to keep our use of resources small, which is why we are also very happy to be a 2-person team and deliver on demand.

Yes, that's very Bella. If you like our products and want to test a few things and have a plan on how you can showcase us super Bella , thenwrite just look at us.

Good question! Something depends on what you can do. In any case, you are always welcome to give us your skillsdemonstrate.

Yes, this is possible for some parts of our Bella range. Depending on the purchase quantity and needs, we can provide you with separate B2B conditions grant. If you own a shop and would like to include some of our products in your range, thencontact and just tell us a little bit about yourself and your company.

Alternatively, you can also buy part of our offer at wholesale conditions on FAIRE or Orderchamp:

Bella ciao ® buy at FAIRE wholesale.

Bella ciao ® Buy wholesale at Orderchamp.

In fact, we are always interested in cooperating with other brands or fancy people. If you are interested in this or if you have any ideas and would like to share them with us, please have a look at oursPartner area past.