Holistic e-commerce


We know from our own experience how difficult and sometimes complex e-commerce can be. Starting with your own Online shop up to Marketplaces as well as successful marketing and advertisement. For actually every area you need detailed expert knowledge. Knowledge always costs time or money. Both are usually available to a limited extent, which often means that ideas that are actually good cannot develop and enforce sufficiently.
With our Bella Academy we want to help you with this Your e-commerce to develop and above all to give you the right tools that will enable you to run your business successfully in the long term. Helping people to help themselves, that may sound old school, but it is always the most sustainable way.
If you are interested in tackling your challenges with our support, please contact us.


Shop creation

We create your online shop in shopify.
We use existing resources and solutions in order to achieve functional but outstanding results as independently and quickly as possible. We rarely reinvent the wheel but let it roll with as little resistance as possible!

Marketing & Channels

We find out which marketing channels and strategies fit your brand, create the technical set-up and campaigns, and monitor the goals set.
In the further course of the process, we always derive specific recommendations for action from the data collected and implement them rigorously.

FUNK eyewear

If someone is with shopify & e-commerce and knows the right apps, connections and tips, then it's Flo.

We are very happy to be able to work with his Bella Academy.
Five star deluxe for what it does!

Dieter Funk and Sashee Schuster,
FUNKinternational GmbH

hey ginger

I enjoy working with Flo every day because he not only processes orders, but his own, very sound e-commerce Brings knowledge.

This always results in great results!
My expectations were exceeded by far!

Ingo Swoboda,

Academy contact

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