Collabo Drop kunstform BMX Shop

Kollabo Drop kunstform BMX Shop

Bella ciao meets art form

The kunstform BMX Shop is undoubtedly an absolute institution when it comes to BMX and is known worldwide. Since Flo himself was part of the team for a long time and ran the shop together with Daniel and Seppl, we are all the more pleased that we have now been able to start a collaboration with the guys.
For this purpose, in our first drop, we have created ten special pieces and unique designs that we have in ourShop as well as to buy there.
Of course, we also talked to Daniel and asked him a few questions about his everyday life, business and the collaboration. You can find the whole interview under the video.

Our interview with Daniel from kunstform

When did you found the kunstform brand and what motivated you to do that?

The kunstform project was started in 2003, when a good BMX scene was developing in Stuttgart and there were no special and especially smaller brands such as Artzone or FlatTV in Germany, so Sebastian Pospischil aka Seppl got out of his shared apartment as part of a study project started importing a few of these and making them accessible to the German BMX scene.
But then own ideas were developed under the name kunstform, such as the kunstform Ohh Rings, with which you could make your BMX grip as long or short as you want and so the project has grown from year to year. We now have a shop in Stuttgart and Berlin and also sell through our online shop

How did you manage to turn an idea into a popular brand??

Basically, it really developed from year to year. The main point is probably that we are BMXers ourselves and have developed our brand in a way that BMXers would find good.

What do you say to someone who asks you what do you actually do for a living??

In fact, I always say: I'm the manager of a BMX shop. Many people can already do something with BMX these days, that wasn't always the case. If you have any further questions, say, I’m talking about bikes with which you can do tricks like backward somersaults. :-)

Wherever are you represented, you also have shops in addition to the online shop?

Yes, we have a shop in Stuttgart am Feuersee and in Berlin in F'hain. Otherwise there is an online shop, but we also sell on Amazon.

What would you advise someone today who wants to start their own BMX shop?

As a BMX shop you should always make sure that you support the scene and give it a positive energy. Basically, I can recommend anyone who wants to do something with trading to draw up a rough plan, just imagine the future a bit, become aware of things like sales, gross profit, etc. and see that the financing fits.

What would you consider to be the greatest challenge that an entrepreneur & brand is confronted with on a daily basis?

In my opinion, the biggest challenge is permanent change.
There are constantly new laws, new standards, new trends and you have to address these points, but you shouldn't lose yourself and above all always think about your roots.

How do you feel about sustainable production and what is the situation here in the BMX industry in this regard?

The entire bicycle industry is trying to make progress in the area of sustainability. The BMX parts are constantly being improved and last much longer than, for example, 10 years ago.
I also notice changes in packaging and packaging material. One tries to reduce where possible. We ourselves send almost every package via DHL Go-Green and mainly use boxes that have already been used for shipping.

BMX itself has a lot to do with individual style, there are always new crazy colors, for example. With the products - where do the influences come from, who makes the trends?

BMX riding is an individual expression of your own personality. There are very different ways of riding BMX and everyone has different basic requirements. Some people may have a mega skate park in front of their door and some others just have stairs, but both can be 100% fun. So it's hard to say where the trends come from, it's a development that makes it so interesting and never boring.

kunstform Kollabo Rucksack Acid Style

What has changed for you since the Corona crisis and what possibly positive projects have resulted from it?

Since the Corona crisis, orders in the online shop, email inquiries and phone calls have increased significantly.
Personally, I actually rather like the direct contact with the customers in the shop, which, as it is now with Corona, is different.
But you have to say very clearly that I am glad that we have an online shop and that the shop closes to a certain extent.
You had to change now, but I think we were able to keep the quality to the customers.

Have you heard of On Demand Production before our collaboration or have you come into contact with it since??

We had no experience with on-demand production of clothing, as we are making ever larger productions with minimum purchase quantities.
What I find interesting about on demand products is that you can also try out smaller or daring designs.
But we will also have small editions in almost all sizes in the shop so that customers can try on or buy.
When it's sold, we just follow it up and that's why I find the whole topic super exciting.

You yourself cooperate again and again with people and brands and support a lot of projects, some of which are simply created without any economic ulterior motives. Is the topic "Giving back" and / or "Support your locals" part of your company culture??

Yes, you have to be very clear. Our main concern is to motivate people to ride BMX and simply have a positive time.
That is why we support and organize various projects, events, skateparks or even drivers ourselves. The vibe just has to fit and I just noticed that in the first Corona phase,
how much the people support us, especially in such a crisis, and that was extremely important and motivates me to continue.

What do you like about Bella ciao in particular? You don't do a collab every day or only if you are 100% interestedt?

Flo was with us for a long time and was able to gain good experience in e-commerce and I think it's cool how the project has developed. That's why I wanted to support that, but at the same time use the opportunity to gain experience with on-demand products. The collaboration has flowed and therefore everything worked out great.

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