First collaboration drop - FUNK eyewear

First Kollabo Drop - FUNK eyewear

Our first collaboration

Flo has a very long friendship with FUNK as a brand and especially with Dieter and Saschi (the two founders). In his early years as a professional BMX athlete (early 2000s) FUNK was even his first sponsor. Right from the start, the two stood behind everything that he wanted to achieve in terms of sport and that at a time when BMX in Germany was not seriously noticed by many media and other athletes. That's why we're very proud that our first Bella ciao collaboration along with FUNK eyewear is dropped!

Dieter and Saschi have now turned the FUNK brand into a medium-sized company and, with their own eyewear factory, created something absolutely unique.

Of course, as part of our collaboration, we also asked them a few questions:

When did you found the FUNK brand and what motivated you to do it?

That was in 1992 - at that time there was nothing on the market that we would have called innovative eyewear / sunglasses design.
So we just did it and brought it to market.

How did you manage to turn an idea into a popular brand?

At least 2 things came together here: being determined, being brave but also a portion of luck. We always implemented our ideas consistently, and were often too early on the market - but rather too early than too late.
The consumer has always valued that and that in turn is our great happiness.

What do you say to someone who asks you what do you actually do for a living??

For my part, I'm a "passionate glasses maker! So I'm a craftsman!" 

Where can you get FUNK products??

At selected opticians in Central Europe and in our own FUNK stores in Berlin, Munich, Vienna and Kinsau.

What would you consider to be the greatest challenge that an entrepreneur & brand is confronted with on a daily basis?

The biggest challenge is never to let up, to always be on the pulse, to constantly develop and not to lose the fun of the big picture.

How do you feel about sustainable production?

You can answer that very easily:

  • we have our own eyewear production in Kinsau / Bavaria / Germany
  • we produce our own electricity, more than we use ourselves
  •  we have been recycling the material that is left over from eyewear production for years.. 
  • the way from our production to our sales department is a staircase with 21 steps
  • we preserve a dying craft and support young people who want to do it again - Most of our machines are very old and have a 2nd, 3rd, 4th life with us

You can also visit us and see for yourself on site!

Bella ciao X FUNK Pullover shoppen

What has changed for you since the Corona crisis and what possibly positive projects have resulted from it?

The consumer has become more attentive. The delicate plant sustainability, Made in Germany, Heritage has grown faster and we hope that it stays that way and that this positive effect will have an impact on people's consumption.wird. 
If that prevails, then the crisis has at least had something positive here!

Have you heard of On Demand Production before our collaboration or have you come into contact with it since?

Yes, we had heard of it and looked into it. This is a great development and has enormous potential.
The manufacture of glasses is very complex and therefore only suitable to a limited extent as on demand. However, we produce very small quantities and we prefer to do these more often as needed. For years we have also been offering made-to-measure production by hand and this is actually a classic on demand production. 

You have specifically chosen a design for our collaboration, how did it come about and why did it come to be exactly this?

We chose this design because in our opinion it is very contemporary but still very traditional. That fits extremely well with what we do, a very traditional craft but still to the point.

What do you like about Bella ciao in particular? You don't do a collab every day or only if you are 100% interestedt?

What we like best is the aspect of sustainability, produce on demand. If the consumer orders it, then it will be done first. In addition, this increases individuality and exclusivity.
Realize things and ideas in extremely small numbers - even in the smallest possible number of 1.

Bella ciao X FUNK Kollabo-Produkte