Bella ciao - About us & why

Bella ciao - Wir über uns & weshalb

The mark

Bella ciao saw the light of day in January 2021. The idea behind the brand is to offer beautiful vintage motifs on selected designs. Each product is only manufactured when it has been ordered in the shop, with the exception of ours Handmades). This principle is called " Print on demand "and in our opinion is a good and promising way to really become a brandsustainable to be able to act. Not only does it save vast amounts of resources, it also gives us the freedom to try out new products and designs quickly and to respond quickly to customer requests.
Flo is responsible for the brand and product design as well as for all the technical frippery that an online shop brings with it.

Bella ciao Vintage Designs Collage

Jenni's resin handmades

Jenni is a mother of three and a trained nurse. However, handicrafts have always been her hobby and resin / synthetic resin products have also been part of it for a while.

Resin - what is it actually & how does it work

The term resin comes from English and means synthetic resin, also called epoxy resin or epoxy. It is a polymer compound made up of two components: one is the epoxy resin and the hardener that is matched to it. After careful mixing and pouring, these two components cure in between 30 minutes and 3 days, depending on which resin is used. Every piece needs regular drying and curing times.
Often you have to have several Pour layers on top of each other and grind the resin first before the next casting is done, so that the individual layers can optimally bond with one another. The whole thing often takes several days.

What materials are used?

It's not just pour the resin in and you're done. It sounds easier than it really is, but what is it not :. Apart from the resin, paints, pigments, dried flowers, glitter and stones, you still need a lot of protective equipment such as covers, gloves, aprons, masks and glasses. A gas burner or a hair dryer will help with heating. Also silicone molds, hot glue for sealing and chains to connect the individual pieces. Sandpaper, drills, pliers and other materials and tools are also needed. Aroundm no unnecessary rubbish To produce, I often use empty jam jars or packaging waste that we have to dispose of one way or another. In addition, I only use paper for covering and wooden spatulas for stirring, so I try to work with a clear conscience.

Bella ciao Resin Kunstwerke

I personally have been fascinated by synthetic resin since I came into contact with this material. Synthetic resin can be brought into almost all sizes, variants and shapes thanks to the casting mold used. Objects of all kinds can be enclosed and sealed in it. Working with it is for me Craft and art alike . From fancy milk teeth to wedding flowers, strands of hair or even ashes - personal memories, objects that have become dear to you. My greatest passion here are the dried flowers. I still have a lot to do with it and I'm excited to see what else I'll conjure up.