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Bella ciao® offers you beautiful things based on unique vintage drawings & designs as well as handmade resin accessories. We attach great importance to investing as little as possibleresources to waste and produce each product individually only when you have bought it.

Bella Ltd. Color Edition

Colorful is definitely a favorite color

Bella Gradient

"Zeb"all over

What a color experience: The bright blue and purple Bella Grd.Zeb All Over socks are like a color explosion on your feet .....

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"TXT"all over

The Bella Grd. & Quot; TXT & quot; All over socks come out of the shoes and loosen up monochrome outfits. The soft fabric is also ...

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"Meduse"all over

The Bella Grd. & Quot; Meduse & quot; All Over socks have a mysterious print pattern that is reminiscent of smoke or hair...

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For the wall

"Palm Tree"mural

The simple Bella Palme print with a noble passe-partout and wooden frame conveys wanderlust, longing for vacation and a desire to party .....

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Clear contrasts and an unusual choice of motifs characterize the Bella Porco print. Centrally enthroned is a puffer fish, which in its resting state .....

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In the times of sitting at home, the furnishings at home say more than ever about a person's character. The Bella & quot; Jogger & quot; Print...

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Handmade with ❤


Handmade by us from epoxy resin.

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"Moons" wall deco

Four soothing colors determine the natural and random grain of the Bella Resin BLT Moons wall hanging. The hand-cast .....

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The three-dimensional interior of the Bella Resin GCBP Flowers pendant catches the eye and never lets go. The refined details .....

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"RLC Flowers"trailer

The flat Bella Resin RCL Flowers pendant with finely enclosed air bubbles is a small highlight for simple looks .....

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